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Rivers of Flavor: 15 RIOS Colombian Gourmet Coffee Review

Welcome to our review of⁣ the delightful 15 RIOS COFFEE, GOURMET, Arabica Colombian Whole Bean or Ground, Medium Dark Roast, hailing ⁣all the way from Sevilla, ⁣Colombia. This 100% sustainable coffee boasts a ​high Q ​Grade Score of​ 83, making it a‌ true⁣ gem ⁣for any coffee⁢ enthusiast.

Hand-harvested by skilled ⁤local⁢ farmers with a keen eye for detail, this coffee ⁤is a testament to environmental and human awareness. The beans ⁣are ‌picked at⁢ the optimal ‍point of ripeness, ⁢ensuring ⁤a flavorful and balanced cup every time.

The Coffee ‌Capital of Colombia, ⁤Sevilla, is blessed by 15 rivers that ⁣play a crucial role ‍in the cultivation process, enriching the‌ flavor and⁤ quality ⁤of⁢ this exquisite​ coffee. With‌ gourmet notes of‌ panela, honey, molasses, caramel, almonds,⁣ and a hint ​of lingering chocolate, each sip ‌is like embarking on a flavorful journey.

The ⁢energy and passion behind 15 RIOS COFFEE shine⁣ through in every⁤ cup, paying homage to the fundamental flow of energy that makes⁢ this coffee ⁤effortlessly unique and rich. And with ⁢thoughtful packaging ‌that keeps the ‍coffee fresh and⁤ inviting, your⁣ coffee ritual​ is sure to be ⁣elevated with each brew.

Perfect for various preparations, from⁤ black to‌ cappuccinos, French ‍press to Drip Coffee maker,⁣ 15 RIOS‌ COFFEE⁢ is a coffee connoisseur’s dream come ​true. Elevate​ your coffee experience today with a bag of this exceptional Colombian coffee.


Rivers of Flavor: 15 RIOS Colombian ‍Gourmet Coffee Review

Our 15 RIOS Coffee from Sevilla, Colombia is a true gem‌ for coffee lovers⁣ seeking‌ a gourmet​ experience. Harvested by hand with meticulous care by local farmers, this Arabica Colombian coffee ‌boasts a rich, full-bodied flavor profile with gourmet ⁣notes of panela, honey, ‌molasses, caramel, almonds, and a lingering chocolate residual. The citric acidity​ of‍ medium intensity, combined with a ‍creamy​ and ‍abundant body, provides ‌a unique ⁤palate experience that will take you on a flavorful⁤ journey‍ with ​every sip.

Our ⁤coffee is sustainably sourced‍ and has a high Q Grade score of 83, showcasing our commitment⁢ to quality and ‍environmental awareness. Packaged in a way⁤ that preserves its freshness, our ​coffee ‌is perfect for various preparations, whether you enjoy it black, with milk as a cappuccino, or brewed in a⁣ French press, Moka Pot, or​ Drip Coffee maker. Elevate your coffee ritual⁤ with 15‌ RIOS Coffee ‌and experience the energy and essence of ⁢Sevilla, Colombia in every‍ cup.

Specifications Details
Package Dimensions 10.31 x‍ 4.02 x 2.17‍ inches; 12.31 ounces
Manufacturer Specials Coffee SAS, Sevilla⁤ Colombia, for 15 RIOS COFFEE
Country of Origin Colombia

Order your own 12oz⁤ bag of​ 15‌ RIOS⁣ Coffee‌ today and immerse yourself in the rich flavors and sustainable practices ⁤that make this ⁣coffee​ truly unique. ‌Join us in‍ celebrating the‍ energy and craftsmanship that goes into each cup of our gourmet Arabica ⁢Colombian coffee from Sevilla, Colombia.

Exceptional Quality​ and ‌Sustainability

Rivers of⁣ Flavor: 15 RIOS Colombian Gourmet Coffee Review
Our‌ coffee ‍is meticulously harvested by the⁢ skilled hands‌ of local farmers, with⁢ environmental and human awareness. The beans are picked⁤ by experts at their exact point of ripeness, ensuring the highest quality and flavor profile. The Gourmet Medium Dark Roast offers a full-bodied and balanced experience, with notes ‌of panela, honey, molasses, caramel, and almonds, complemented by a⁣ lingering‍ chocolate residual and a citric acidity of ​medium intensity.

In ⁢addition to the exceptional taste, our coffee is 100% sustainable, sourced from Sevilla, Colombia, where the 15 rivers​ that bathe⁣ the region play a vital role in the ‍cultivation process.⁣ The Gourmet Medium Dark Roast has a remarkable Q ⁣Grader score of‌ 83-84 points, making it a‌ top choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a unique and flavorful journey. ⁤Elevate your coffee ritual‍ with our high-quality, ⁣sustainable ​coffee⁤ today! ‌ Order now ‍ for a premium⁢ coffee experience like‍ no other.

Rich Aroma and Flavor Profile

Rivers ‌of Flavor: 15 RIOS ‍Colombian Gourmet Coffee Review
Indulge in a coffee experience​ like no other with our Gourmet Medium Dark Roast. Our coffee boasts a that is sure to tantalize​ your taste buds with ⁤every‌ sip. From the fragrant notes ⁢of panela and honey to​ the flavors of molasses, caramel, and ‌almonds,‍ each cup is a flavorful⁢ journey that‌ will leave you craving for more. The citric acidity ‍adds a perfect balance to the creamy body, making ⁢it a delightful treat for coffee ‌lovers.

Our coffee is meticulously harvested by hand by​ skilled local farmers, ensuring environmental and human awareness ⁤with every bean picked ‌at the⁣ exact point of ripeness. The ​15 rivers that bless Sevilla, ⁤the Coffee Capital of Colombia, play⁤ a crucial​ role in the cultivation process, ⁣propelling ⁣crop​ irrigation and⁣ the unique “Humid ​Process”‌ that adds to the distinct flavor ⁤of ⁣our coffee. Elevate your coffee ritual and experience the richness of 15 RIOS COFFEE ‍today. Treat ⁢yourself to a cup of luxury and order ‍now!

Unparalleled ‍Colombian Coffee Experience

Rivers of Flavor: 15 RIOS Colombian ‌Gourmet Coffee ‌Review
Indulge in ⁢a one-of-a-kind Colombian coffee experience with 15‍ RIOS COFFEE. Sourced ‍from Sevilla,‍ Colombia, this 100% sustainable coffee is harvested by hand with ⁢meticulous care by local farmers who prioritize environmental and human⁢ awareness. The beans are picked⁤ at the exact point of ripeness, ensuring a superior quality⁤ coffee.

Our‌ gourmet medium dark roast presents a full-bodied and balanced flavor profile, with⁤ notes of panela, ⁤honey,⁤ molasses, caramel, ​and almonds. The‍ lingering chocolate residual, medium citric acidity, and creamy body make every ​sip a delightful journey for your taste buds. Packaged with‌ an air valve‌ to maintain freshness and an⁣ enticing aroma, 15 RIOS COFFEE is perfect for various preparations – from black to ⁢cappuccino, French press to Moka Pot. Elevate your‌ coffee ritual with a bag of this exceptional brew today!

Package Dimensions: 10.31 x 4.02 x 2.17 inches
Manufacturer: Specials ⁢Coffee SAS, ⁢Sevilla‌ Colombia, for ​15 RIOS COFFEE
Country of Origin: Colombia

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Elevate Your Lifestyle

Rivers of ⁤Flavor:​ 15 RIOS Colombian ⁤Gourmet ⁢Coffee Review
As we conclude our flavorful journey through ​the rivers of 15 RIOS Colombian Gourmet Coffee, we can’t help but‍ be amazed by the ​rich aromas and tantalizing flavors​ that this‍ coffee has to offer. From the‍ meticulous hand-harvesting process to ⁣the gourmet notes that⁣ dance on our palates, every sip⁣ tells a story of craftsmanship and care.

Elevate your ⁤coffee⁢ experience with 15⁣ RIOS and indulge in a‍ cup of pure Colombian​ excellence. Join us in⁣ celebrating the energy⁢ and passion that‍ flows through every ​bean, and treat yourself to a coffee like no⁣ other.

Experience ⁤the magic ⁤of 15‍ RIOS Colombian Gourmet Coffee for yourself – order​ your own bag today and awaken your senses to a whole new world of‍ flavor. Click ⁤here to purchase now ⁣and embrace the essence of Sevilla, Colombia: Order Now!

John Garcia
John Garcia
John Garcia is a contributor to Coffee Makers Global and has been in the coffee industry for over 15 years.


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