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15 RIOS COFFEE: A Mellow and Sweet Colombian Delight

Welcome to our review of 15⁤ RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL, a truly exceptional coffee experience from Sevilla,​ Colombia. From‌ the moment we opened the 12oz bag, we were greeted by the enticing fragrance of vanilla, panela, and honey, setting the stage⁤ for a mellow⁣ and sweet coffee journey.

Harvested by hand by⁢ skilled local farmers, with a focus on environmental and human ⁤awareness, each ‌bean is‌ picked at its exact point of ripeness. This attention ‍to detail shines through​ in every cup of this 100% Sustainable, Single Origin, Arabica Colombian coffee.

The Especial Medium Roast of 15 RIOS COFFEE boasts an impressive Q Grader Score of +84.5 points,‌ showcasing its distinctively special flavor ‍profile. Notes of tangerine, vanilla, green apple, and molasses dance on the palate, while the bright citric acidity and silky body provide a truly delightful coffee experience.

We were⁢ impressed by​ the thoughtfulness put into the packaging, with an air valve that keeps ⁤the coffee fresh and maintains its inviting aroma. And with the versatility to be enjoyed in ‍various preparations, whether brewed​ in a French press, Moka Pot, or Drip Coffee maker, this coffee⁣ truly caters to every coffee connoisseur’s preference.

Whether you enjoy your coffee⁤ black or ⁢with milk as a cappuccino, 15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL ⁣is sure to elevate your coffee ritual. Order your own bag today and experience ‌the ⁣energy and richness that this exceptional coffee from Sevilla, Colombia has to‍ offer. Cheers to a delightful coffee experience!


15 RIOS COFFEE: A Mellow and Sweet Colombian Delight
Our 15 RIOS Coffee from⁣ Sevilla, Colombia is a true gem in the ‌world of ‍coffee. Harvested by hand with precision and care, each‌ bean carries the essence ⁤of the 15 rivers that ‍bless the region. The Especial Medium Roast offers a Q Grader Score of +84.5, ⁢setting ⁣it apart with its unique fragrance and tantalizing​ aroma⁣ of vanilla,⁤ panela, and honey. The flavor profile is a delightful mix of tangerine, green apple,⁣ and molasses, with⁤ a silky body and bright citric acidity that lingers on the palate.

With energy at the core of our ‍ethos, we strive to‍ deliver a coffee experience that is unparalleled in richness ‌and depth. ⁣Our​ sustainable practices ensure that every sip‍ you take supports both the environment and the local farmers ‌who pour their expertise into each bean. Whether you​ enjoy your coffee black or as a luscious cappuccino, brewed in a​ French ⁣press, Moka Pot,‌ or Drip Coffee⁣ maker, 15 ‌RIOS Coffee promises to elevate⁤ your coffee‌ ritual to new heights. Embrace the mellow sweetness of our Especial Roast and order your 12oz bag today for a truly unforgettable coffee experience.

Exceptional Quality and ⁤Sustainability

15 RIOS COFFEE: A Mellow and Sweet Colombian Delight
When it comes to in coffee, look no further than this gem from ⁣Sevilla, Colombia. Our 15 RIOS COFFEE⁤ is a true standout, harvested⁤ by hand with great ⁣care and environmental consciousness. The⁣ beans are lovingly picked at just the right moment of ripeness, showcasing our commitment‍ to⁢ excellence in every cup.

Our‍ ESPECIAL ⁣Medium⁢ Roast is a true delight‌ for the senses, with a remarkable Q Grader Score of ‌+84.5 points. The fragrance and aroma of vanilla, panela, and honey, coupled with tangerine and green apple⁤ flavors, create a unique and‌ satisfying experience. Plus, our sustainable practices and ⁤thoughtful packaging ensure that you‍ not only enjoy a premium cup of coffee but also support ‍responsible farming. Elevate your coffee ritual today with⁢ 15 RIOS COFFEE and savor the ⁣difference in every sip.

Uncovering the Delicate Flavors of Colombian Arabica

15 RIOS COFFEE: A Mellow‍ and Sweet Colombian Delight
Indulge in the exquisite flavors ⁢and aromas⁣ of 15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL. Harvested by hand in the Coffee Capital of Colombia, Sevilla, this Arabica ⁢Colombian coffee is a true gem. With a high Q⁢ Grade Score‌ of +84.5 points, this medium roast coffee offers a unique experience with⁢ notes of vanilla, panela, honey, tangerine, green apple, and more. Its ​bright acidity and silky body create a mellow and sweet taste that lingers on your ⁣palate.

Our commitment ⁤to sustainability and quality shines through⁤ in every cup of ‍15 RIOS COFFEE. The meticulous harvesting process by local farmers ensures that each bean is picked at its optimal ripeness. With packaging ⁣designed to keep ⁤the coffee fresh ​and flavorful,⁤ you can enjoy the enticing fragrance every ⁤time you brew⁣ a cup. Whether you prefer black ‍coffee or indulgent ⁣cappuccinos,⁣ 15 RIOS COFFEE is​ the perfect choice for coffee lovers⁢ looking to elevate their daily brew. Try it‌ today and experience the magic of Colombian Arabica.

Our Recommendation: Try 15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL Today

15 RIOS COFFEE: A Mellow and⁣ Sweet Colombian Delight
Indulge in a truly unique⁣ coffee experience with​ 15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL. Sourced‍ from the Coffee Capital of‌ Colombia,⁤ hand-harvested by skilled local farmers with environmental consciousness, this Arabica Colombian Whole Bean or Ground coffee boasts a remarkable ‍Q Grader Score of over 84.5 points. The Especial notes of vanilla, panela, honey, tangerine, green apple, and ⁣more create ⁢a mellow and ⁢sweet ‍flavor profile that is ​sure to delight your taste buds. Our‍ sustainable ⁢packaging ensures freshness,⁤ keeping that⁤ inviting aroma intact for your daily coffee ritual.

Immerse yourself in the energy of⁢ 15 RIOS COFFEE and​ experience⁣ the rich flavors ‌that⁣ this single-origin, medium roast coffee offers. Brew it as a‍ French press, Moka Pot, or Drip Coffee for a versatile coffee ‌experience that ‌suits your⁢ preferences. Elevate ‌your morning routine or enjoy a delightful afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of 15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL. Join us in embracing the⁢ essence of Colombian coffee culture with each sip. Order your own bag ⁢today and start your journey to coffee connoisseur bliss! Order Now.⁤

Transform Your World

15 RIOS COFFEE:⁢ A Mellow and Sweet Colombian Delight
As we come to the end of our journey ‌with 15 RIOS COFFEE, we can’t help​ but‌ feel grateful for the ⁣mellow ⁢and sweet experience it has ‍brought ​to our mornings. From its sustainable and hand-harvested beans to its remarkable Q Grader Score of +84.5, every sip is⁤ a testament to the rich flavors of Colombia.

If ⁢you’re ready to elevate your ‍coffee ritual and indulge in the enticing fragrance of 15 RIOS COFFEE, why not order yours‌ today?⁤ Click ‌here to experience the magic for yourself: Order Now!

Thank‍ you for joining us on this delightful tasting adventure with 15​ RIOS COFFEE. Until next time, happy brewing!

John Garcia
John Garcia
John Garcia is a contributor to Coffee Makers Global and has been in the coffee industry for over 15 years.


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