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15 RIOS COFFEE: A Colombian Delight – High Q Score +84.5

Welcome to ⁢our review ‍of ⁣15 RIOS COFFEE, ESPECIAL, Arabica Colombian Whole Bean or Ground, Medium Roast, from ⁤Sevilla, Colombia. We had the pleasure of diving into a bag of this 100% ‌Sustainable, Single Origin coffee​ with ‍a High Q Grade ⁤Score of +84.5, and let us ⁢tell you, it did not disappoint.

Harvested by hand ⁣in the Coffee Capital​ of⁢ Colombia, Sevilla, this coffee is a true gem. The beans are picked at their exact point of ​ripeness​ by‍ skilled local ‍farmers who understand⁤ the importance of environmental and human awareness in the ⁤cultivation process.

With​ notes of vanilla, panela, honey, tangerine, ​green‍ apple,⁣ molasses, and ⁢more, this medium roast offers a unique and flavorful experience that is mellow, sweet,​ and truly ⁤delightful.

The packaging is ​designed to keep the coffee fresh and⁢ inviting, with ⁣an air⁣ valve​ that lets carbon dioxide escape ​ without allowing​ oxygen or moisture in.

Whether you⁢ enjoy your coffee black, with milk, or in a variety of brewing methods like‌ French ⁤press, Moka Pot, or Drip Coffee maker, 15⁤ RIOS COFFEE is versatile and ​perfect for any coffee ​connoisseur.

Are ‌you ready to elevate your coffee experience? Order your bag ​of ⁤15⁢ RIOS COFFEE today and indulge in the rich flavors ‌and quality of this exceptional Colombian‍ coffee.


15 RIOS ‍COFFEE: A Colombian Delight - High Q‌ Score +84.5

Our​ 15 RIOS⁤ COFFEE is a true gem among Colombian coffees, ​meticulously harvested by‍ local⁣ farmers ⁢with environmental​ and human awareness. The beans⁣ are picked⁢ at their exact point of ripeness, ensuring a​ superior quality ‌product. The “Humid Process” used​ in ⁤Sevilla, ⁤fueled by the‌ region’s 15 rivers, adds a unique touch to‍ our Especial​ Medium Roast, which boasts a remarkable Q Grader Score of +84.5.

With ‍fragrant notes of vanilla, panela, and honey, a tangerine ‍flavor with hints ‌of green apple, and a silky sweet ‌body, our‌ coffee offers a mellow and sweet experience for ⁤all coffee enthusiasts. Packaged to perfection with an air valve ​to⁣ keep the aroma intact, our 100% Sustainable coffee is perfect for various brewing methods. Elevate your coffee ritual with​ 15 RIOS COFFEE today!

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Exquisite⁢ Taste and ⁤Quality

15 RIOS COFFEE:⁣ A Colombian Delight⁣ - High Q Score +84.5

Our experience with this Colombian coffee has been ⁢nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we‍ opened the ‌bag, we were greeted with a‌ heavenly⁣ aroma of vanilla, panela, and ‌honey.⁢ The ‌flavor profile did ⁣not disappoint either, ‍with notes of tangerine, green apple, and ‍molasses dancing on our‍ taste buds. The medium ⁣roast proved to be a perfect balance, showcasing a remarkable Q Grader Score of‌ +84.5 points that truly ​sets this ⁢coffee apart.

Not only ⁣is this coffee a treat for the senses, but it also comes with the assurance⁤ of sustainability and quality. Harvested by hand with care and environmental awareness, the ​beans in this bag are a testament to the‌ hard⁤ work ​of‍ local farmers. The packaging, designed⁤ to keep the coffee fresh and inviting, adds an extra layer of delight to ⁣our daily coffee ritual. If you’re a true coffee lover looking to elevate⁣ your brewing‌ experience, we highly recommend trying out⁢ 15 RIOS COFFEE⁣ ESPECIAL. Order ⁢yours today⁤ and savor the rich flavors of this exquisite Colombian gem!

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Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

15 RIOS ⁣COFFEE: A Colombian Delight - ‌High Q Score +84.5
When it comes to sourcing coffee, ethical practices and sustainability are at the core of⁤ our values. Our ‍15 RIOS COFFEE is a‍ prime ⁢example of how we⁣ prioritize these factors. Harvested ⁣by hand⁣ by local⁢ farmers with‌ a ⁤deep sense of environmental consciousness, every bean is picked ‍precisely at its peak ripeness. The location of⁣ Sevilla, bathed by 15 rivers, plays ‍a⁤ crucial ​role in the cultivation process, utilizing a unique “Humid Process” that enhances the quality of the beans. By choosing our ⁤coffee,⁤ you are not only ​indulging ⁢in exquisite flavors but also supporting a sustainable and ethical ‌supply chain.

The Especial ‌Medium Roast from 15 ⁤RIOS COFFEE is a stand-out product ⁤with a Q Grader Score of +84.5 points, reflecting ⁣its exceptional quality. ⁢From the fragrance of vanilla, panela,‌ and honey to the ⁣tangerine flavor with ​notes of green‌ apple and⁢ molasses, every sip offers a‌ delightful experience. Our commitment to⁢ sustainability extends to⁢ our packaging as well, ⁣ensuring freshness and⁢ aroma preservation for a ⁣more⁣ enjoyable coffee‌ ritual. Elevate your ⁤coffee​ experience with ‌15 RIOS COFFEE and join us ​in celebrating ⁤the power ⁤of ethical and sustainable sourcing. Order now and savor the ⁢rich flavors of​ Colombia!

Our⁣ Recommendation

15 RIOS ⁣COFFEE: A Colombian ⁤Delight - High Q Score +84.5
: Elevate‌ your coffee experience with 15 RIOS COFFEE! This Colombian Arabica coffee is meticulously harvested by skilled local farmers, ensuring quality and ⁢environmental consciousness. The ⁣Especial Medium Roast with a Q Grader Score of +84.5⁣ offers a unique⁤ flavor profile with notes of ⁤vanilla, honey, tangerine, and more. The sustainable packaging keeps⁣ the beans fresh and ​aromatic, adding to the overall ‌coffee ritual experience.

Whether ​you enjoy your coffee black, with milk, or ⁢brewed ⁤in different methods⁤ like ‍a French ⁢press ​or ⁢Moka⁢ Pot, 15 RIOS COFFEE is a coffee connoisseur’s dream. Experience​ the rich aroma, distinct flavor, ⁤and sweet body that lasts with every cup. Get‌ your ⁣hands on this exceptional single-origin coffee today and indulge‍ in a truly mellow and sweet coffee experience. Join us in⁣ enjoying the fundamental flow of energy ‌that ‌makes‍ 15‍ RIOS COFFEE effortlessly unique and rich.​

Unlock Your Potential

15 ​RIOS COFFEE:⁢ A Colombian Delight - High ⁣Q Score +84.5
As we wrap up our review of 15 RIOS Coffee, we can confidently say​ that this Colombian delight has ⁤truly impressed ⁣us‌ with its high Q Grader Score of +84.5 and unique flavor⁤ profile. From the meticulous hand harvesting ‍to the sustainable practices,⁢ every aspect of this coffee​ reflects‍ quality and care.

If you’re ready to ‌elevate your coffee experience with⁣ 15 RIOS ‌Coffee, don’t hesitate to order ‍your own ‌bag today.‍ Click here to purchase and indulge in the⁣ aroma and taste of this exceptional brew: Order now!

Thank​ you⁤ for joining ‌us on this flavorful journey through 15 RIOS Coffee. We hope you⁢ enjoy every sip as ⁣much as we did!

John Garcia
John Garcia
John Garcia is a contributor to Coffee Makers Global and has been in the coffee industry for over 15 years.


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