Different Types Of Coffee

Different Types Of Coffee
source: tasteofhome.com

Coffee is a drink that we drink every day. If there is no coffee every day, the day does not want to start. There are different types of coffee beans, but the most popular is “Arabia”, which has a relatively high flavor. The seeds are a bit long. This is followed by “Robusta” seeds which are round in popularity. The coffee we drink is eaten or served in different forms. Some of the most popular are:

1. Black Coffee:

Usually coffee beans are prepared with hot water. This is a very simple coffee. It is also called “Cafe Noir”

2. Lathe:

It is an Italian coffee drink. From the name Cafe-i-Latte it is known as Lathe or Latte. Originally made with espresso and steamed milk. Served with light milk foam on top when hot or cold.

3. Cappuccino:

The difference with Lathe is that it uses more milk foam than skimmed milk. It can also make a difference by using different flavored creams.

4. Flat White:

Coffee made with only espresso and steamed milk without milk foam is called flat white.

5. Espresso:

It is a mixture of sugar and coffee powder which is mixed under high pressure. It is used as the primary blend of most other coffee blends. Coffee blends that are twice as common as ordinary espresso are called “dopio” and ordinary espresso are called “solo”.

6. Americano:

It is prepared by mixing espresso and hot water. It is similar to black coffee, the difference is that black coffee is not made under high pressure like it.

7. Cartado:

It is invented in Spain, Portugal, Latin America. It is prepared with a mixture of equal amount of espresso and milk. However, the concentration of milk is relatively low.

8. Mok-ha:

It is called Mok-ha or Moka. It is basically made with espresso, choco powder or chocolate and steamed milk. It is made by mixing hot chocolate syrup with one shot espresso in a cup and pouring milk and foam over it. Cocoa powder can be spread on the foam and served.

9. Makiato:

This is Italian coffee. It means “marked”. Basically espresso, milk and “foam” are used. One shot of espresso is served with milk and foam. There are different flavors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel etc.

10. Dalgona:

Dalgona coffee is a bit like a cold lathe. The name originates from Dalgona Kandy, South Korea. Coffee foam is made by mixing equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar and water well and is served with bitter sweet coffee over cold milk. This coffee is popularly known as “quarantine coffee”. It is served cold.

11. Turkish Coffee:

This coffee originated in Yemen but spread to Turkey during Ottoman rule. It is not as strong as espresso to eat. Its coffee beans are relatively less filtered. This coffee drink takes a long time to prepare, so it has a variety of flavors.

12. Nitro brew:

Nitrogen gas is released separately in this coffee. Nitrogen gas does not dissolve easily in water, so coffee types are somewhat creamy, foamy, and more concentrated.